Sometimes boulderers want to climb bigger things since bouldering and roped climbing are not mutually exclusive activities, but Big Wall climbing requires a specific set of skills beyond those required for sport, single-pitch or even multi-pitch routes since the scale is such that the logistics are more complicated. This pages details some articles and links from UKBouldering users and the wider internet that might be of use if you are considering attempting Big Walls.

UKBoulderers Write-Ups

The Nose in a Day - An artcile by UKB user duncan on how to climb The Nose in a day (written after his second NIAD ascent, 30 years after the original).

The Road to El Capitan - A write up by UKB user Fultonious about the training and climbing El Capitan.

Big Walling for Boulderers - A write up of experiences from UKB user [|Paul B] (awaiting writing).


Lots has been written by others, here are some links to some good articles.

Andy Kirkpatrick

With around 25 ascents of El Cap, inlcuding multiple in-a-day and solo ascents as well as big walls from The Troll Wall in Norway (turning back 50m from the top on a solo attempt and returning in Winter to climb it with two relatively inexperienced climbers) to new routes in Queen Maudland in the Antarctic, Andy knows his stuff.

  • Psychovertical Andy's personal web-site, full of useful blog posts on gear and technique. He'll even answer questions if you have any.
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