Measured Dynos

All distances in bold have been measured by the official LankyDynoMeasuringSystem

Distance (cm) Problem Location 1st Ascent Links
260 Czech Chuck Mlynsky Vrch, Czech Republic Dave Gater [1]
252 Daone asaur Daone, Italy Dave Gater
247 Iberia Navalossa, Spain ??
242 Saturn Escorial, Spain Dave Gater
234 Rainbow Rocket Franchard Sablons Alexis Allayaud [2]
233 Clutch Guisecliffe Dave Gater
228 Smatch (Smash) la Roche aux Sabots ?? [3]
228 Solid Air Eastby Jim Purchon [4]
228 Double Entorse Franchard Cuisiniere Philémon Dumez [5]
223 Undercut Dyno (aka Big Dyno) The Roaches Richard Williams Video
221 Voltex Franchard Sablons Alexis Allayaud [6]
216 Movement Activated Maunoury Kees Mak [7]
216 Froggy Dick Franchard Isatis Marc Montchaussé [8]
215 7 foot dyno Pex Hill Quarry Owen McShane [9]
210 Cannonball Franchard Isatis Jan De Smit/ Steven Demets/ Ivan Moreels [10]
208 Anticristo Escorial ??
207 The I.L.T. Dyno Brownstones Quarry Gareth Wallis [11]
205 Quent's Dyno Stoney Middleton Quentin Fisher [12]
204 Ridiculous Dyno Brownstones Robin Mueller [13]
202 Turbo Kleenex Albarracin, Spain ??
200 Mortel Transfert Franchard Sablons Alexis Allayaud
198 Robin's Dyno Blackstone Edge Robin Mueller
195 Greg's Dyno Trowbarrow Greg Chapman
194 Vin Rouge Franchard Isatis ??
193 Jacadi la Canche aux Merciers Jacky Godoffe
192 Zyno 95.2 Maarten Miedema
188 6 Foot Sicks Trowbarrow Tom Burns
184 Vin Aigre Franchard Isatis Marc Le Ménestrel
181 la Puce la Canche aux Merciers Fred Rouhling
180 Kirton Dyno Stoney Middleton Pete Kirton?
180 Toy Story Near Escorial, Spain ??
175 Mister Dynamite Franchard Cuisiniere Fahn Peirreard
175 George's Wall Dyno Stoney Middleton Quentin Fisher? To the jug
175 The Buckstone Dyno The Buckstone, Stanage Jason Myers
173 Sylphide Franchard Sablons Alexis Allayaud
171 Catapult Escorial, Spain ??
170 One Arm Bandit Stoney Middleton ??
168 Jumper's Dyno (aka Niche Dyno) Brimham Nigel Scarty
167 Dynostrung Brownstones Gareth Wallis
165 Nexus Dyno Brownstones Robin Mueller? Reclimbed by Gareth Wallis after loss of the flake, a bit harder [14]
164 Undiscovered Dyno Jumbles Rick Ginns
162 Mr. Tickle Dumbarton Will Atkinson
160 Keo La Canche aux Merciers Régis Allayaud
160 Future barbares Direct 95.2 Tony Fouchereau/ Nick Crawshaw
160 Sensation Bois Rond Didier Gérardin
158 Jokari Droite Franchard Sablons Olivier Penel
157 Young American Stoney Middleton Christian Griffith
156 Entorse Franchard Cuisiniere Sébastien Frigault
155 Megatron Stoney Middleton ??
155 Unjust Dyno Brownstones ??
152 Hale Bopp Franchard Cuisiniere Fred Nicole
150 Sans Arete Stronstrey Bank Quarry Gareth Wallis
145 Tony Bland Stronstrey Bank Quarry Gareth Wallis
113 Jokari Franchard Sablons Olivier Penel
112 "7a Double Dyno" Franchard Isatis ?? Eliminate on Red 15, as seen in The Real Thing.
96 Toubib or not Toubib Bois Rond ??

Honorary mentions:

dynos that have not been measured, or remain as projects

Approx 260cm Zion Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado ??

170cm The Tank Boulder Project Wimberry still awaits an ascent

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