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Lancashire has a wide range of venues, from quarried grit to natural grit, and on to limestone. It has a reputation for dank quarries with rubbish problems in them, and whilst this may be true to an extent, many high quality problems are there to be climbed by those willing to explore.

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South Lancs Edit

There are a lot of disused quarries in South Lancashire and most of the areas are covered in Robin Mueller's Lancashire Bouldering Guidebook, although other more specific guides are available (see #Links). Due to the amount of quarries around, there is still scope to unearth (sometimes literally) decent problems, although time and effort is often involved. This is part of the appeal to many, and a turn off to most, but if you are willing to immerse yourself in the Quarry style you'll find some excellent bouldering (and routes) to rival the best at Burbage South or Millstone. Up to 7B there is plenty to keep most people busy for years. In the higher grades, the lines exist for those with the inclination to find them, but few have been climbed.

Whilst the popular venues of Craig y Longridge and Brownstones are tried and tested, two other less well known spots offer equal amounts of bouldering - the Wiltons have over 200 problems (with 40 at 7A and up), while the natural grit crag Blackstone Edge has some fantastic 6's and hundreds of short sub 5's in a moorland setting, with many 7's recently added. The medium sized venues of wooded Healey Nab, scenic Stronstrey Bank and urban Denham all have their charms. Seek and thee shall find!

Hardest problems

  1. 8B - Gaskins Slab - Stanworth
  2. 8A+ - Super Submarine - Longridge
  3. 8A - Snatch - Denham
  4. 8A - Renal Failure Low - Longridge
  5. 8A - the Priory Low - Longridge

North Lancs Edit

Greg Chapman's Guide to bouldering in the Lake District and North Lancashire is a superb resource with free PDF guides for the North Lancashire venues, including South Lakes/ Silverdale limestone. These areas present the opportunity to test yourself against some of the hardest problems in the World, as well as being on some of the nicest limestone you'll find in the UK.

Hardest problems

  1. 8C - Shadowplay - Kentmere
  2. 8C - Il Pirata - Trowbarrow
  3. 8C - Walk Away ss - Fairy Steps
  4. 8B+ - At The Heart Of It All - Woodwell
  5. 8B+ - Kaizen - Woodwell


Ashworth Moor Bouldering

Blackstone Edge Bouldering

Cadshaw Small Quarry

Clougha Pike bouldering- Chris Clement's guide

Craig y Longridge- Old guide

Craig y Longridge- Greg Chapman's newer quide

Cringlebarrow- Greg Chapman's guide

Crag Stones Bouldering

Deeply Vale

Blackstone Edge Bouldering

Denham Quarry Bouldering

Fairy Steps bouldering- Greg Chapman's guide

Farleton Knott Bouldering- Greg Chapman's guide

Harcles Hill Bouldering

Healey Nab Bouldering

Heysham Head bouldering- Greg Chapman's guide

Holcombe Boulders

Hutton Roof Crag bouldering- Greg Chapman's guide

Hyning Wood bouldering Greg Chapman's guide

Lower Montcliffe Quarry

Newbiggin Crag bouldering- Greg Chapman's guide

Shuck's Lair bouldering- Greg Chapman's guide

Stronstrey Bank Quarry Bouldering

Thorn Crag- Greg Chapman's guide

Trowbarrow bouldering- Greg Chapman's guide

Trowbarrow's Red Wall eliminates- Greg Chapman's guide

Warton Crag bouldering- Greg Chapman's guide

Wilton Quarries bouldering

Windy Clough bouldering- Greg Chapman's guide

Woodwell bouldering- Greg Chapman's guide

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As with most UK venues the weather is highly variable in Lancashire.

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The Lancashire 7s and 8s gives links to guides and discussion thread for the venues included.

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Greg Chapman's Guide to bouldering in the Lake District and North Lancashire

Robin Mueller's guide to bouldering in Lancashire

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Craig y Longridge Wiki

Bouldering at Brownstones Quarry

New development at Jumbles, near Bolton

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The Lakesbloc facebook site, often updated with vids

Regular info and chatter for Lancs based boulderers

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