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Climbing in Vietnam is still relatively new. As seen in Dosage 3 there is plenty of amazing deep water soloing in Ha Long Bay. There is also beachside sport climbing on the islands of Ha Long Bay and the largest island Cat Ba has sport climbing and bouldering too. There are bouldering venue found throughout Vietnam.

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Ha Long BayEdit

File:Butterfly Valley - Cat Ba Island - Vietnam.jpg

Cat Ba Island is the largest island in Ha Long Bay and has both sport routes and bouldering. Butterfly Valley is the major venue which is relatively still new. Almost 30 metres of beautifully featured limestone set by a meadow surrounded by jungle topped hills. 20+ sport routes with a wide range of grades and scope for new routes.

The easiest way to get there is to take a scooter taxi from Cat Ba Town and return by the same means. You will be dropped off close to a house in the valley with the crag easily visible and just a short walk through the field. The chap who lives in the house should be able to organise the return taxi.

There is beachside bouldering near Cat Ba Town at Cat Co 2 beach. This is a short walk (or shorter scooter taxi) East from Cat Ba Town on the road that cuts through the headland.

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The weather in Vietnam is generally hot and humid with the odd tropical storm or typhoon thrown in for good measure. If it's raining just chill out and eat lots of noodles.

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At the moment the only guide for Vietnam rock climbing is the Vietnam, A Climbers Guide by Erik Ferjentsik.

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Slopony has a wealth of information and a shop based in Cat Ba Town where you can buy the Vietnam, A Climbers Guide, charter boats to climb in the bay, hire equipment/guide or just get some local knowledge.

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